August Presidents report

I will begin this letter by telling you all that we have a new Banner Editor, Carolyn Boyle. She has volunteered to take over for Ruth Penna who requested to be replaced. Carolyn and her husband are new residents in Golf Lakes. I thank Carolyn for volunteering for the editor’s job and am sure she will do a good job. I would also like to say Thank You to Ruth Penna for her time and efforts as editor.

Since last month’s letter from me, all the paving has been completed. The streets look good. The floor in the clubhouse has been sanded and refinished. The clubhouse was closed for several days while this job was completed. Hopefully, it will look good for many years. Later in August the palm trees will be trimmed.

The sanitary sewer sub-main between 8th Street and 7th B Street that I reported last month has been lined and is working properly now. There are 12 homes on this line and 2 were occupied during the work. Thank you to those residents for their cooperation during this work. Golf Lakes is very quiet this time of year. Some of our winter residents come for short visits or loan their homes to family for short vacations. So far, we have had no storms and not much rain-but enough to keep our grass, weeds, and shrubs growing very fast. They love this weather! We are very thankful for no storms! This letter is very short as there really is not much to report.

My wife and I wish a GREAT August for all our residents. Things will begin to pick up as some of our folks will return this month. Safe travels to all.

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