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December President's Report

As I write this message, I am thinking about the coming month and how we will be celebrating a very special birth with many gatherings and activities and how fortunate we are to live in the United States. We are free to worship as we choose or not; we vote in an orderly and organized manner; we can speak our mind as and when we please as long as it is the truth; we can criticize our government at will. We can also live where we want. We are very privileged people, much more so than anywhere else on Earth. With all these privileges come responsibilities. Did you vote in November? Are you living where you want? Is your conversation always the truth or is it gossip? How are you participating in our park? Do you take and not give anything back? As you celebrate this special and joyous month take a moment and ask yourself these questions.

December 3rd at 7 PM in the clubhouse is our next Communication Meeting. The Finance Committee will talk about the Budget for 2019. Also that night you get to meet all the candidates running for the Board of Directors.

You should be receiving your election packet very soon if you have not received it already. There are several items to vote on besides the Board members. Make sure you read all items and vote on each one. Please call any current Board member or the office if you have procedural questions or need to clarify one of the issues. Your votes are very important. This is your chance to choose your leaders and also to vote on specific issues. Don’t waste that privilege by ignoring your responsibility to vote.

As you go to various gatherings, meetings, and events this month, enjoy yourself. This is a special month. Nancy and I wish you all a joyous Christmas and Happy New Year. Be happy, be safe, and be friendly.

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