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February Manager's Report - Pamela McFarland

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I want to express my appreciation to last year’s Board of Directors for all their work and help. I would like to acknowledge the service of Ed Shultz to Golf Lakes as a Board Member for 6 years and President for one year. Mr. Shultz has been a true asset to the Board of Directors and will be missed.

I would like to express congratulations to David Bailey as a new director. I would also like to congratulate Mark Hooker and Mary Kline on their new 3 year term on the Board. I am looking forward to working with the new Board this year to accomplish the business for Golf Lakes.

The 2019 Officers of the Board of Directors are:

Mark Hooker------ President

Gerry DeJong------V. President

Mary Kline ----- Secretary

Judy Keller ----Treasurer

Board Meetings are normally the second and fourth Thursdays of the month during the season. The notice of meeting and agenda are posted on Tuesday of the week of the meeting by 9 a.m. on the bulletin board outside the office entrance and on the one in the foyer inside the office entrance door. All Board Meetings are open to all unit owners.

The annual meeting requires a lot of work on behalf of the Board, staff and volunteers. I want to thank everyone who contributed to another successful annual meeting. As a reminder state law requires a certain number of unit owners vote on the blue ballot and election. It is important that you participate in this process or the work would be for nothing.

The accountant should be close to completing the review of the Association’s financial records by the time this article is published. It is always good for the office staff to have this process accomplished for another year. Cindy and Vickie’s great work ethic is seen especially this time of year and resident’s patience during this busy time was appreciated. The Florida Statute concerning the Audit/Review being sent to the unit owners has changed. You will get a postcard notifying you that the Audit/Review is available. You can then pick it up at the office or request it be e-mailed or mailed to you.

As broker of the Golf Lakes’ real estate office, I appreciate the opportunity given to Lynne and myself to represent you in the sale of your home. In 2018, the real estate office closed 53 resales. If there is any way the sales office can be of assistance to you, I hope you will call upon our services.

It is very important that residents report any wet areas you discover in the park to the office so that it can be checked for a water line break. In a recent drive through the park on an overcast day I noticed several homes with mildew, especially awnings and the north side of homes. I will be doing an inspection of the park this month. I will try to give residents an opportunity to have this work completed after returning to Golf Lakes. Please take a walk around your home and take care of maintenance items while you are here.

On Friday, March 8th there will be a Spring Clean-Up Day. The garbage collectors will take away all items put out to the curb except for paint and hazardous materials. Please take this opportunity to clean out, especially things stored outside. Outside items need to be stored away, anchored permanently or removed. In light of hurricane Irma it became clear that there is not time to put away a lot of stuff. Please consider getting rid of items that cannot easily be put inside quickly.

Golf Lakes is posted as a NO SOLICITATION community. Please do not purchase from vendors going door to door in the Park, instead tell them there is no soliciting in Golf Lakes and call the office to report them.

Feeding food to the wild life at the lakes that is eaten by them immediately is good, but please do not take leftover food and just throw it in the lake. Also, please do not encourage wild life to be fed at your individual units. Please check the bulletin board for information on feeding Canadian Geese and the effects of doing so.

We appreciate all our volunteers, if you have a complaint about any policy set by the Board of Directors please defer those complaints to the Board or myself. Please do not give our volunteers a hard time and if you are volunteering please tell anyone complaining to you to contact a Board member or the Manager.



4. Board members, employees, and approved contract labor are the

only people covered by insurance and allowed inside the maintenance wall area. (Authorized volunteers also)

5. No park vehicles or tools may be loaned

6. Except for Park related work, such as Corporation water lines, employees are not permitted to work at any resident’s home during work hours.

7. Residents are asked not to disturb employees unnecessarily during working hours. Any personal business transacted between residents and employees must be during lunch hours or after normal working hours.

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