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January President's Letter

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

President’s Letter

Mark Hooker

Welcome to 2020. It is hard to believe that 20 years ago my wife and I were with a group of friends in Florida at the Admiral Leigh Resort and Golf Club in Leigh Acres celebrating the millennium. We had a great time with our friends. AND NO COMPUTERS WENT BESERK EITHER!!

Winter season is now in full swing and there are many activities for your enjoyment in Golf Lakes this month. Card games and crafts, Bible Study and Vespers, Women’s Club, quilting and sewing, ceramics and painti

ng, shuffle, horseshoes, lawn bowling an Pickleball, and our pool, fitness center, and golf. And our beautiful Florida weather. All just waiting for you to participate and enjoy.

At our Communication Meeting on January 6, 2020, you will meet the candidates for the 3 open positions for the Board of Directors. Each candidate will be asked four questions, some that you-the residents-have submitted. Our Annual Meeting will be February 10, 2020. This is an important meeting and everyone is encouraged to attend. The results of your votes will be announced as well as the new members of the Board of Directors.

There will be 2 Board meetings in January, the 9th and the 23rd. Every resident is invited to attend Board meetings. The New Resident Co-operative Orientation meeting will be January 21 in the clubhouse.

We have many new residents in Golf Lakes. If you meet any of the folks, make them feel welcome. Invite them to meetings and functions. Everyone was new at one time.

I would personally like all new residents to attend meetings and functions going on in Golf Lakes. This is a good way to meet people. If you are interested in joining a club or organization as a member, please contact me. Some of have openings.

My wife and I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

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