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January Manager's Report

Updated: Jun 25, 2020


By Pam McFarland

Happy New Year!! This month I will celebrate my 32nd year working for Golf Lakes. It has been a true pleasure working for you and I appreciate the opportunities Golf Lakes has given to me.

Along with the New Year is a new quarter; you are reminded maintenance fees are due again. You should have received your new payment coupons by now. Options for payment are listed in the letter accompanying your coupons. Please use them as they assist with tracking your payments. If you are not on auto debit and have not received the coupons, please contact the office staff. Auto debit residents should have received just a letter.

As a reminder: Gate Street gate requires a remote to go out of the park between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. You have to pull right up to the gate during those hours both exiting and entering and push your remote.

You are encouraged to inspect the outside of your home, especially awnings and carport roofs for dirt and mildew; they may need to be washed and/or painted. It is important that residents accomplish housekeeping tasks while living in Golf Lakes to prevent maintenance during the summer while you are gone.

If you or your guest park in the north parking lot and park a vehicle in front of the golf course tee be sure there is ample room for the golfers to swing their club without hitting the vehicle. Also, be sure name and phone number is on the vehicle so someone can be contacted to move if necessary.

Garbage and yard trash days are Tuesday and Friday. Be sure to have you trash out early as it takes all day to do the whole park. Yard trash has to be in clear bags sold at the office. This prevents the yard trash going into the compactor which is not allowed. Also, please keep all items to 40 pounds in weight. Please do not leave trash in the common areas.

Occasionally, anonymous letters to the Board of Directors and Manager are received. Please reconsider sending anonymous letters as most of the time an explanation needs to be made and without contact information, the matter goes un-resolved. The Board and I do understand the need to have things brought to our attention and appreciate member’s ideas and input.

The Annual Meeting has been changed February 10, 2020 at 7:00 P.M. Votes will not be accepted after 7:00 P.M. on the 10th. The election packets will be handed out after January 4th so please pick up to save on postage cost. Remember to sign in before the meeting begins if you have not sent in a proxy as there must be a quorum (391 units) represented to call the meeting to order. If you are out of town and unable to attend, be sure to sign and send in a proxy. If you are at Golf Lakes and unable to attend, sign the proxy and turn it into the office leaving the proxy outside the mailing envelope. This will facilitate obtaining a quorum to allow us to start the meeting. Residents must sign their blue and green ballot or they will not be counted.

Due to the New Year holiday the office will be closed January 1st and 2nd. Your staff wishes you a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year.

Saturday, February 8th 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. will be the Golf Lakes Realty Open House. We will have as many homes listed with Golf Lakes as possible open for viewing. Historically these events have provided us an opportunity to open Golf Lakes to the community and also spurred an increase in unit sales.

RULE REMINDER: VI. 5. All clotheslines must be the folding tree type and must be placed in the rear or side of the mobile home.

When not in use, clotheslines must be taken down and put inside.No clothes shall be hung on unenclosed carports or patios. No clothes shall be dried on Sunday.

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