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July President's Report

Happy 4th of July everyone. It has been very hot here and not much rain at least not when this is written.

Since my last letter to you my wife and I went to Indiana’s to visit family for a week. On Memorial Day we were at our youngest son’s home for a cook out and the weather turned bad. We watched a tornado go by just 3 miles west of our location in a small town called Pendleton. The tornado damaged 75 homes to the point the occupants could not stay and took out many, many old growth trees. The town and school system were closed for 2 days while all the damage was cleared for traffic. It was an interesting experience. Nancy says she would rather face a hurricane, you have far more warning.

As for Golf Lakes, we are getting our summer projects completed. The paving in Phase 5 is completed and the main sanitary lines in Phase 5 have been relined. The testing for water leaks is scheduled for June 23rd. Since I am writing this before that date, you will get more information in my next letter. May 31st the clubhouse was tented for termites. That closed the clubhouse for 3 days with non Saturday Social Hour on June 1st. Palm trees will be trimmed sometime in August. The Fob System for the Pool, Fitness Center, and Clubhouse have been installed. The keys you have will no longer work. When you come back in the fall you will need to pick up your fob in the office when you check in. One fob per household. You may buy a 2nd for $10.00. It is a great system.

The 4th of July picnic is different this year. We are having pulled pork sandwiches. If you are here or going to be here, be sure to sign up so we will have enough food.

So far this year we have had no storms but we do need some o the rain falling up North. Can you send us a little? Ave a great rest of the summer. See you this fall.

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