July Presidents report

Since Nancy and I are going to be out of town until June 10th and the Banner deadline for July articles is June 10, this is being written before we leave. I can only tell you what is scheduled for June and we hope completed in June. Our weather needs to cooperate with our vendors! Paving is scheduled to start June 25th and be completed by the first of July. We have also discovered that two more sanitary sewer lines need to be repaired and they may require digging. These are new problems, and they need to be completed before our winter resident’s return. This month I am giving you information on two committees. The first one is the Banner Committee. These volunteers are responsible for gathering the various articles and pictures and then forwarding the material to the publisher timely so as to meet publication deadlines. Ruth Penna is the current chairperson and is moving on to other endeavors here in the park. We still need a new chairperson. If we do not find a replacement, we may end up with no Banner. If you are interested in the volunteer position, please call Ruth Penna at 413-886-9913 or Mark Hooker at 941-751-6738. The second committee is Management and Personnel.

These volunteers are responsible for reviewing our rules and regulations, making changes on an as needed basis, and setting up new rules at your Board’s request. When the committee has finished their work with the new rule(s) or changes to the former rules, they return to the Board for discussion and approval or further changes. Then post cards with the new rule or changes and the old rules are mailed to each certificate holder. We then have 30 days to voice our opinion before the rules is final. The Rules and Regulations are publish yearly in the telephone directory and given to you at the office. The committee is also responsible for collecting all our names, addresses, and phone numbers-at least those that have given permission for publication-and updating the telephone directory each summer. They also compile the names of all committees and members and those are published in the directory. We are very fortunate to have willing and talented volunteers to handle all these necessary duties. My wife and I hope everyone has a great summer. We also hope that we do not have any storms this summer. We can always use rain but not too much at once!

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