June Manager's report

It is obvious the summer months are here. The clubhouse is again very quiet and the weather has become very warm. Hurricane season begins this month. If the park is under a mandatory evacuation order, the clubhouse will be locked and unavailable to residents. We strongly encourage all summer residents to plan ahead and make arrangements for a safe place to go in preparation of hurricanes.

As of June 1st this rule applies: All residents who will be away for more than 7 days during official hurricane season (June 1st to November 30th) must stow away all outdoor objects prior to leaving. This includes, but not limited to flower pots, grills, decorative statues, outdoor furniture, garbage cans, bicycles, and rain barrels. If not stored properly or anchored permanently all such items will be removed. If an expense is incurred it will be charged to the owner. The roads that are being paved on June 25th are North of 49th Ave. Dr: 4B, 4C,5A, 6A, 6B, 7A,and 7 B East of 8th St - 49 A Ave, 49 Ave Dr,49 A Ave Dr.49 B,C,D Ave and 50 B Ave.

There is a map with the streets being paved marked on it in the clubhouse. Please do not drive on the fresh asphalt for 24 hours. Do not turn the steering wheel while you are not moving as it will tear up the asphalt. Summer residents can park on 49th Ave. Dr. and 8th Street if necessary.

• Other work that may effect residents are: • June 11th Carpet on stage replaced • June 11th North and 53rd Gates will be painted,they will be closed to all traffic while the work is being done. • July 16th clubhouse floor will be refurbished. Office will be open.

During the summer, the maintenance staff will be working on the water source line for residents throughout the park. We will try to give notice for this work as in some cases the water will be off.

The summer hours for Gate Street gate to be open are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The other two gates will be closed 24/7. You may still exit the park through these gates with your clicker but you will not be able to get in them at all.

We look forward to the summer showers that will increase our water table. Until then, please continue to do your part to conserve water. Please be sure to water only on your day. Sprinklers and soaker hoses are not allowed with the only exception being lawns with new sod that have previously contacted me for approval. All watering must be done by hand.

RULE REMINDER: Guests: 2. Any guest occupying a unit in the owner’s absence must register at the office. The resident is responsible for acquainting their guest with Park rules and regulations.

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