June President's report

President’s Message Golf Lakes is quieter now, as many of our winter residents have left for their other homes. Traffic is beginning to get lighter but is still very busy at times. We all need to be careful when we are out and about. Today it is sunny and in the low 90’s. Since we have a light breeze it does not feel too hot. We have had very little rain for the past few months and the ponds here in the park as well as in the greater community are showing the lack of rainfall. Florida has had several brush fires recently so we need to be extra careful with any form of fire. There was a mention on the news this week about drought restrictions due to the lack of rain. Please be aware of the need to restrict your water usage, especially watering with a hose. The local papers show the approved watering schedule in each edition if you need that information.

There is not much activity in the park planned for this month. We will begin and complete the paving of fourteen cul-de-sacs this month. This is scheduled for the last of the month. I am planning a trip with my wife for the first part of the month and will be back before this paving begins.

This month I am giving you information about the Beautification Committee. This group of talented volunteers is responsible for keeping our park beautiful. Each fall they plant flowers around the clubhouse and various common areas. They see that mulch is spread when needed. In late November and early December they decorate the outside areas of the park for the Christmas season. All those decorations are taken down after Christmas and carefully stored for the next year. That is a big job and they do a beautiful job each year. Palm trees in the common areas are fertilized three times a year and the flowers are fertilized and deadheaded as needed. If we have cold weather, the flowers are covered to protect them from the frost or freeze. As you can tell, This is a busy committee. If you would like to be part of this volunteer group, you can contact their chairman, Leroy Whitehurst at 941/993-6617, or me at 941/751-6738. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated.

We are still looking for an Editor for the Banner. Ruth Penna is taking on other responsibilities in the park and has resigned. WE NEEDANEW EDITOR asshe would like to be off the committee as soon as possible. This is a challenging opportunity but also very rewarding. If you are interested, please contact Ruth Penna at 413/886-9913 or myself at 941/751-6738. This volunteer position needs to be filled or there may not be a Banner. Have a great summer. See you in the fall.

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