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Manager's Report - October 2021 by Pamela McFarland

Welcome back to our residents who have returned for the 2021–2022 season. Please stop by the office to sign in. It is important that you let the office know when you have returned so that we can keep your location current in the computer for future mailings and correspondence.

It has truly been another wet summer. Along with humidity comes mildew. Several homes and awnings are beginning to show signs of mildew. I try to put off letter writing concerning mildew until November or December knowing that pressure washing is one of the first things residents do upon their return to the park. Unfortunately, with such a wet summer letters will have to go out earlier.

Don’t forget there is a November 1, 2021 deadline for the park lawn mowing contracts to be returned to the office, for 2022 service. The contracts were mailed in September and is an annual contract. The contract cannot not be cancelled for a year. Due to billing requirements, there will be noexceptions to this deadline.

As a reminder the guest call box entry system is used in the following manner. Your guest will pull up to the call box, find resident’s name on list (by pushing the up or down arrow...if you hold the arrow down it will scroll faster) and once the resident is found push the call button. It will timeout so all the guest has time to do is identify themselves and residents push 9 on their phone to open gate. Residents can also get their code in advance to give out to your guest and they can just enter the code and when it comes up on the screen hit the call button upon arrival to the call box.

When the pool vendor or maintenance staff puts out the “POOL CLOSED” sign please cooperate and stay out of the pool while it is being cleaned.

Golf Lakes cannot recommend or endorse any of the outside vendors who advertise in the Banner or the Park Directory. Residents should always get two or three quotes for work they need to have done by vendors. Also, ask your neighbors if they have used the vendor you are considering.

Golf Lakes provides free notary services to our residents at the office. Please do not ask the staff to notarize a document not signed in front of them. Calling the office ahead of time to assure the availability of a notary and witnesses is a good idea.

The drop box outside the office on the brick post is not an outgoing mailbox. This box is used only for items intended for the office. The outgoing locked mailbox is located inside the hall in the front foyer.

The clubhouse floor has been cleaned, polished, and sealed. Please do not put any tape on the floor or carpet as it pulls up the sealant and leaves glue. Cord covers can be found in Storage A if you need to cover cords to prevent tripping.

Golf carts are not allowed in the grass or common areas. Excess parking of golf carts in the grass around the golf cart parking at clubhouse and west side of pool fence is allowed.

Your staff has accomplished many of our summer goals and are looking forward to a new season.

Rule Reminder: Members are responsible for the overall appearance of the mobile site. Sites shall be kept orderly, neat, clean, and free of litter. Watering, weeding, replacement of lawn by sod, grass seed, plugs, mulch or stones, and general care of the lawn, planters, shrubs, and trees are the responsibility of the member. No lawn shall be mowed before 7:30 a.m. or on Sunday.

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