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Managers Report August 2020 - Pam McFarland

The Golf Lakes staff is pursuing completion of our summer goals and projects. The office staff has been doing a lot of organizing and updating in preparation for the upcoming busy season. The maintenance staff are keeping the park looking great and working on summer projects.

August will see the palm trees trimmed. If you have palms that the Association does not trim the contractor will do them for $18.00. Just send the money to the Golf Lakes' office and we will have the contractor do them. The vendor is scheduled to begin mid-August so you can also call the office to get on the list and then send in the money.

The clubhouse floor in the main hall will be polished the end of this month. The office will be open, but the rest of the hall will have limited access all day. When the date is known it will be on the in-house channel.

I am making the final I am making the final updates to the 2020 budget this month in preparation for review by the Budget and Finance Committee in September and the Board of Directors in October. The Board of Directors will vote on the Budget at the Budget Meeting the first Monday of December after it has been mailed or hand delivered to all residents. Residents are welcomed to ask questions after receiving their copy of the budget. The Board will discuss the budget in its entirety at the first Board Meeting in October and again at the Budget Meeting the first Monday in December.

Along with the summer rains, the weeds are sprouting. Thank you to the residents who made arrangements to keep your property looking good all year long. Leaving a contact with the office prior to departing for your summer home saves time, long distance phone calls, and you from paying someone other than who you made arrangements with. The park inspections are accomplished monthly during the summer.

Winter residents, thank you for your cooperation in putting things away prior to leaving for the summer in accordance with my Rule Reminder for this month. President Hooker and I did our annual inspection of the whole park and were very happy with the manner in which items were put away for the summer. Summer residents if you are leaving for more than 7 days please put things away. Also, all summer residents need to take time to evaluate the amount of things outside that will have to be put away if an evacuation notice is given. Make it easy on yourself and put things away now or get rid of things if you don't think you can get them put away.

Residents requesting Florida Power and Light (FP&L) to restore power for them after Gate Street is closed need to make arrangements with FPL to get them into Golf Lakes. You may give them your code or last name and explain how they can use the phone system to enter the park. You may also meet them at Gate Street to let them in. FP&L does not have the capability of informing all crews of the access code like the Sheriff and Fire Department does.

I Hope everyone is having a healthy and safe summer. We are having our typical hot and humid weather here. We have not had the rain that we normally get every day so things are a bit dry.


VI. 16. All residents who will be away anytime for more than 7 days during official hurricane season (June 1st to November 30tb), must stow away all outdoor objects prior to leaving.

This includes but not limited to flowerpots, grills, decorative statues, outdoor furniture, garbage cans, bicycles, and rain barrels.

If not stored properly or anchored permanently, all such items will be removed.

If an expense is incurred it will be charged to the owner.

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