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Managers Report July 2020 - Pam McFarland

Updated: Aug 3, 2020


By Pam McFarland

Your staff has been back to working their regular schedules on property since May 4th and I am happy to report all have remained safe and healthy. Like all workplaces there have been some sanitation protocols put into place. Thanks to residents who have been thoughtful in safeguarding your staff.

The paving of the parking lots and 5th street, pipe bursting of sanitary sewer line on east side of Mirror Lake, installation of a new trash compactor and the resurfacing of the pickleball courts are scheduled for June, so I am hoping at the publishing of this article all these projects will be complete satisfactorily. We of course have started our rainy season so we are needing to be flexible.

This month I will begin on the draft for the 2021 budget to be reviewed by the Budget and Finance Committee in August. This budget will be presented to the Board of Directors at their first meeting in October. It will then be sent to the residents before the Budget Meeting the first Monday in December at which time the Board of Directors will vote on the Budget after discussion with the residents.

If you are a resident you have to push your remote to keep the main gate open if you follow a car in. Also, if you suspect or know that someone is coming into the park that should not be in here PLEASE call 911. If the police are called and they are caught they will think twice about coming in again and they will tell others that our residents will call the police.

Gate remote control device batteries may fail. It has been over16years since they were issued. If you have not had your batteries replaced, you can have it checked at the office. Replacement batteries are available at the office at a total cost of $4.00 for both batteries.

Tree trimming of the palm trees along the roads and common property will be scheduled for August. If you have a palm tree on your property that you would like to have trimmed the cost is $18.00 per tree. Let the office know the address, where the tree is on the lot and pay the $18.00. You will be put on the list so that they can trim them as they do the whole park.

The office will be closed Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day Holiday. Happy Birthday America!!!

RULE REMINDER: THE MOBILE HOME SITE: 5. Flowers, shrubs and lawns may be watered only by hand held hose on the days designated by the State of Florida. No sprinkler system, set sprinkler or soaker hose will be allowed, except in the case of new sod which may use a soaker hose on a timer for 30 days with the Manager’s permission. Prudent use of water for all purposes should be everyone’s first consideration.

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