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March Manager's Report

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I would like to express congratulations to Gerry DeJong, Karla Blevins and Connie Geth on their 3 year term on the Board of Directors. I am looking forward to working with the new Board this year to accomplish the business of Golf Lakes.

The 2020 Officers of the Board of Directors are:

Mark Hooker -------President

Gerry DeJong -------V. President

Mary Kline ------- Secretary

Judy Keller --------Treasurer

The annual meeting requires a lot of work on behalf of the Board, staff and volunteers. I want to thank everyone who contributed to another successful annual meeting. As a reminder state law requires a certain number of unit owners vote on the blue ballot and election. It is important that you participate in this process or all the work is for nothing.

I am sure all residents are enjoying the Florida sunshine and the spring days. This will be a month that will be very busy and there will be a lot of guests coming to share our beautiful weather. Residents are responsible for their guests. Be sure your guests are aware of and follow the rules when using the recreational facilities. These rules are in your park directory.

Please double check your phone number in the park directory. Contact the office with any changes. Also, prior to heading to your summer homes be sure you have turned in your contact information to the office.

On Friday, March 6th there will be a SPRING CLEAN UP DAY at Golf Lakes. The vendor who picks up your trash items will pick up anything (other than hazardous waste) that is put out at the curb free of charge. The Association is hopeful that residents will get rid of items stored outside that have potential to blow in a windstorm. Please take advantage of this free pickup and do a spring cleaning. Trash days are Tuesday and Friday at your home. Do not bring garbage to the barn area or recycling area. It is not the job of your maintenance staff to service the residents’ garbage needs.

Golf carts are to be driven on the roads and on the owner of the golf carts property. Please do not drive your carts on the common area, golf course or other owner’s property. Rule IX. 8. Any person who owns or operates a golf cart in Golf Lakes shall have liability insurance on said cart.

Don’t forget !! If you need to use the kitchen, please contact the kitchen committee to get on the schedule. The Board room is scheduled through the office and the rest of the hall is scheduled through Cathy Arnold. You cannot expect to have a place if you do not schedule in advance. The hall is very busy during the season.

The Association will again be replacing poles and backboards on the electrical system for your homes. The county is getting stricter on allowing older disconnects to be reconnected to the new backboards. I would suggest that owners check their disconnects, so if you get a letter that your backboard is being replaced you will be able to make a decision about, you’re disconnect. Also, don’t forget to be sure your address is on the breaker box on the backboard. This will be helpful in case of an emergency.

The Association has the palm trees trimmed in the common area and along the roads in August. If you have a palm tree on your property and would like it trimmed at that time the cost is $18.00 per tree. You can bring the money to the Park Office and we will sign you up.

The Rule Reminder for this month is the rule pertaining to putting items away before leaving for an extended time. This includes blocks or sticks with string to block your driveway from use. PLEASE COMPLY. The other Rule Reminder is concerning outside plastic storage sheds which are no longer allowed in Golf Lakes. The Association has a list of current residents with these plastic storage sheds and no others will be allowed.

Top soil is available to residents at the recycle center. Do not take the soil under the cover next to the equipment shed. This is special soil that is only for the golf course and please do not dump old dirt in this soil.

Don’t forget the clubhouse parking is a one-way entrance and one way exit. Please let us do our best to keep the very busy clubhouse parking as safe as possible.

Notary service is available free of charge to our residents at the office. Please do not sign the document until in front of the notary. For your convenience, you might want to check with the office to be sure that a notary is available and any witnesses you might need.

Some residents may be leaving this month to head to their summer homes. Don’t forget to sign out at the office and provide the name of the person who is responsible for the yard work including planters and flower beds in your absence. Also, please take a walk around outside your unit before you leave, to prevent getting a letter in the summer. Please take care of any mildew on your unit especially awnings.

Golf Lakes Realty office will be having an open house Saturday, March 21st. Anyone willing to volunteer to help please contact the sales office.

RULE REMINDER: IV. 15. All residents who will be away any time, for more than 7 days, during official hurricane season (June 1st to November 30th ), must stow away all outdoor objects prior to leaving. This includes, but not limited to fld. If an expense is incurred it will be charged to the owner.

III. 13. Utility Rooms/ Sheds must be of conventional construction and must meet all setback requirements and if at all possible are to be extensions of existing structures. Stand alone sheds such as Rubbermaid or sheds made of vinyl, plastic oower pots, grills, decorative statues, outdoor furniture, garbage cans, bicycles and rain barrels. If not stored properly or anchored permanently all such items will be remover any flexible material are not to be used. Any existing stand-alone sheds/storage units, shall be securely anchored to the ground as approved by the Manager. However, when the property changes hands the sheds/storage unit made of vinyl, plastic, or any flexible materials must be removed.

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