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March President's Report

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

President’s Letter

Mark Hooker

I would like to extend my Thanks to Dianne Bradt for her 6 years as a Director. Dianne has been a valuable member and has worked hard to make decisions in the best interests of our residents.

I would also like to welcome our newly elected board members Karla Blevins, Gerry DeJong, and Connie Geth. Your officers for the 2020-2021 year will be Mark Hooker, President; Jerry DeJong, Vice President; Judy Keller, Treasurer; and Mary Kline, Secretary. These 4 people were elected by the directors and will serve for the next year.

The March Communication meeting will be on March 2 and will be our Community Forum night. The Standing and Operating Committees and clubs will have displays on what they do in Golf Lakes. Some of these committees are looking for new members. If you would like to volunteer for one of these positions, you may contact the committee chairperson or me. Remember that Golf Lakes is based on volunteering. That is what makes this park so nice.

There will be New Resident Orientations on March 18, and April 8. If you are a new resident and have not attended one of these meetings before, please plan to attend either of these two meetings. This is a requirement for all new residents. Any resident may attend.

It is time to update our Pictorial. We need someone to head up this project. If you are interested, please contact me.

I would like to thank the Board members for electing me President for this coming year. I will serve the Board and the residents to the best of my ability.

Several of our residents have already indicated to me that they will be leaving later this month. To them and anyone else leaving this month “have a safe journey north.” Nancy and I wish you all good luck and hope to see everyone soon.

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