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November President's Report

Welcome to November. This will be the start of a busy season. Lawn bowling, shuffleboard, and men’s golf league start this month. Some of the committees will start their monthly meetings and don’t forget the Thanksgiving Dinner. There will be a sign up sheet in the clubhouse for the sport teams and tickets will be available on Saturday morning November 3 or from Terry Keller for Thanksgiving. There are a limited number of tickets available so see Terry soon. Don’t forget the Welcome Back Picnic on November 10th.

We had 2 Board of Directors meetings in October and they went well. Try to attend these meetings in the future. They are interesting.

We are still working to find leaks in our water system. We did locate one and it has been repaired. We have also replaced 4 bad water shutoff valves. We are losing less water but believe there are still leaks.

Every year there are 3 board members up for reelection. If you are a resident and would like to run for the Board, you need to get an application from the office and return it to the office along with a 1 page resume. The deadline to turn these papers in at the office is November 28, 2018. Any resident can run for the Board. Any resident may attend any Board meeting. They are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, October through April. I would encourage you to attend a Board meeting to see how the business of the park is conducted.

The 5th of November will be our first Communication meeting of the winter season. There will be one each month through April.

I encourage everyone to get involved in the activities in Golf Lakes. If you are interested in getting on a committee, contact me or one of the co-chairs of tat committee. They are listed in your telephone directory.

My wife and I would like to welcome back our winter residents. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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