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FAQs – Real Estate Office

Is there a separate fee for the "Share"?

No, Golf Lakes is completely owner owned and all homes include the current share value in the selling price.

What is Golf Lakes Residents Association Inc.?

A 99 Year Lease hold Co-Operative Association. As a Co-Operative Association owner/member you will receive a Lease which outlines the Co-Operative, a Certificate of Membership, and the Rules and Regulations which govern the Association under the lease all members agree to abide by these rules.

What is a Co-Op Land Lease?

An association that buys or owns land. Share holders are issued a proprietary lease by the Corporation.  As a share holder you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership as any other owner of real estate.  Deduction of taxes, mortgage interest, homestead deduction, and appreciation in property value is possible. 

Do you have any lots available for a new home?

Yes, you can also purchase an older unit and have it removed to install a new home. Our Sales Office can help with the entire process. New Home setup in 3 easy steps!

Is Golf Lakes Golf free?

Yes, Golf Lakes has it’s own exclusive golf course. There are three greens with three different tee boxes for a total of nine holes.

Can we have guests?

Yes home owners can have guests with them up to 60 days. Family may stay in absence of owners. Other guests with owners. Homeowners should notify the office of guests visits.

Can I get insurance?

Homes built after 1994 are built to the latest hurricane standards as concrete block stucco (CBS) homes. They are generally always insurable. Homes built between 1980 and 1993, can usually be insured. Homes prior to 1980 are insurable at your home insurance agents option. 

Do you finance?

Golf Lakes does not offer financing. In the event you need financing you can contact any banker of your choice.

How much is the maintenance fees?

Current fees are listed on the Fees page of this web site.

Is the pool heated year round?


Do you have a fitness room?


Do you have a spa?


Is there basketball?


Is there Pickle Ball?

Yes, we have two pickle ball courts and pickle ball leagues

Did you have another question not answered here?

Call 941-755-3021 for more information or reach us by email use our CONTACT US page.