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It is obvious many residents have returned to Golf Lakes by the increasing activity in the hall and the fact that my calendar is filling up with committee meetings. It is good to see so many residents returning to Golf Lakes for a season in the sun.

The Beautification Committee has planted the annual flowers. We appreciate everyone who helped with this project. Guests always comment on the beautiful flowers and our residents (staff too!) enjoy them so much. Some Christmas holiday decorations are up. Thank you again to the Beautification Committee. Thanks also to the Hall Decorating Committee and Golf Lakes’ Maintenance Staff for the lovely holiday look they create every year.

Spectrum phone number is 1-833-697-7328. For our winter residents, I would suggest you call and get an appointment prior to coming to Florida if you are in need of service hook up. I am sure at some point they will be weeks out to install new service.

The Association has added an email blast as a way to communicate with residents. If you wish to be included in this way to receive meeting notification, Board of Director meeting minutes and other Association business please make sure the office has your current email address.

The Annual Budget Meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 6th at 7:00 p.m. This will be a zoom and in person meeting and you can get the information to join through the e-blast that will be going out or call the office for the information. The budget will be reviewed in its entirety; each line item will be explained and discussed. Please make this a priority and arrange your schedule so you can attend this important meeting. Following the Budget Meeting the Monthly Communication Meeting will be held. These meetings are always informative and will help you keep up on the business of your Association.

You will receive your coupon booklet for the 2021 maintenance fees after the 2021 Budget is passed by the Board of Directors. Coupon booklets are only sent to those not having auto debit. Auto debit customers will receive a letter. Maintenance fees are due January 1, 2022. The coupon booklets are printed from the Association’s bank. There are three ways to make your payment.

Ø Payment by check- Use available address label to mail directly to the bank. The address labels are attached to the coupon where you tear it out of the booklet.

Ø Automatic Debit – There will be a form included with the coupons to enroll in Automatic Debit.

Ø Online Bill Payment – Set up your payment using the payment account number (found on the coupon). The payee will still be Golf Lakes and mailed to the Association’s bank.

There is a letter enclosed with the coupons to give you directions.

Traffic has also increased considerably, for your safety and the safety of others, do not make a left turn out of the entrance on to 53rd Avenue. Also, please, the speed limit in the park is 15 mph, your cooperation is very much appreciated. There are so many bike riders and walkers this time of year so please cruise slowly through your park.

Yard lights are now $94.07. If you do not currently have a yard light please consider getting one as they help with the lighting of the whole park. If you just need the globe, they are available for $22.40.

Anyone wanting to make a donation to the clubhouse must contact the office. Please do not just leave items in clubhouse. By contacting the office we can put you in contact with the proper person. For larger items the Board of Directors has to approve all items that the Association will be responsible to maintain in the future.

The office will be closed on Friday, December 24th for the Christmas Holiday.