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Your staff is excited and thankful for another season with our full time and winter residents. A few weeks ago when I started to write this article we were on schedule for all the things the staff does to prepare for a new season. And then there was hurricane Ian. Your awesome maintenance supervisor, Hector, has done an amazing job in just over a week to make the park have very few signs of the storm that hit with winds of 155 when it hit south of Manatee County.

After many years of applying and re-applying for the Tie Down Program Golf Lakes has been accepted for this free of charge program. The office has the forms necessary for this program. You can have it emailed, mailed or pick it up. Please take advantage of possibly make your unit more safe. We will have more information after the meeting that will be held, Friday, October 14th.

We have had a very wet and humid summer, please be sure to check your home and awnings for the need to have them pressure washed/painted. I like to give residents time to return before sending out letters but many are in need of cleaning now so you might get a letter.

The Lawn Mowing Contracts are to be mailed back to the office by November 1st. Please remember if you have this contractor take care of your lawn; per this contract you are responsible to protect your siding, air conditioners and wires from damage. This contract is for the full year of 2023.

The Association is responsible for some parts of the water system going to your home. Please contact the office if you have a need to work on your water system to be sure it is not the Association’s responsibility. The only water valve a resident or vendor can shut off is the one at the home. Please do not look for or use the other valves in the park. The office can help you if you cannot get your water shut off.

There is a phone in the laundry room that is completely accessible to everyone for 911 calls if there is an emergency close by. The address for the pool, fitness, pickleball courts and maintenance area is 403 49th D Ave. E.

Be sure to get instructions from the office for the guest entry system so you can get your guest through the gate when it is closed. Please remind your guest they cannot follow another car in or enter on a resident’s click as the gate may close on their car. Guest must use the call box or the resident will have to go to the gate to let their guest in. REMEMBER TO LET A GUEST IN FROM THE CALL BOX YOU MUST PUSH 9 ON YOUR PHONE.

If you are wanting to walk out the 53rd gate, there is a button installed right of the gate on a pedestal that if you push it and use your clicker at the same time the gate will open. You cannot get back in that gate. You can get back in at Gate Street with your clicker. The office has a request form for groups who need to have gates opened earlier or closed at a later time for events. Please submit your request at least a week in advance when possible.

The gate going into the Greens of Manatee Golf Course does require the same transmitter as the gates. Please do not use this gate to get to 44th Ave. This is for golf course use only.

The first communication meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 7th. I encourage you to attend all of these meetings which are held the first Monday of every month, November through April at 7 p.m. These meetings are a great way to get information about the business of your Association.

The 2023 Budget has either been hand delivered or mailed to all residents. Be sure to mark your calendars for the Budget and Communication Meeting, Monday, December 5th at 7:00 p.m. The 2023 Budget will be discussed at this meeting, remember to bring your copy of the budget with you.

Please put garbage out by 7:30 a.m. Tuesday and Friday, during the season, as collection begins early in order to complete the park before dark. Trash has to be cut up in manageable size and put in containers. If your trash is not picked up it may mean it is not acceptable for pick up.

Only household trash is picked up on Tuesday and Friday. All other requires a special pick up that is taken straight to the landfill, there is a charge for this pick-up. Special pick-ups are the third Tuesday of every month. You need to schedule and pay at the office prior to pick up day. The office also has a price list. You can also take these items to the landfill yourself.

Only use clear yard trash bags available for sale in the office for yard trash. This prevents the yard trash from being put in compactor. Also, make sure all trash weighs no more than 40 pounds.

Dumping of building materials and yard waste by residents is not allowed in the barn and recycling area. Contractors should remove all old materials when they are hired to work in the park.

The recyclable items are limited to specific items. The maintenance staff and volunteers would prefer to not sort undesirables out of the recycling bins every day. Please make it your business to identify the recyclable items that Golf Lakes collects. Please recycle Monday through Thursday so that the bins do not become overflowing during the weekend.

The Golf Lakes’ greens require a different type of top dressing and was purchased in a large quantity due to delivery charges. This top dressing is just west of the mower garage south of Pelican Lake. Please do not take the top dressing or dump old soil on the top dressing. The location of top soil for your use is by the recycle center.

The office will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our residents.

No pets may visit with unit owners. If your guest requires an animal due to a disability, they will be required to be approved ahead of time to bring an animal with them in the Park.


6. No utility trailers, motor homes, campers, truck campers, converted buses, or originally manufactured vans equipped with water tank or supply hose or 110 electrical hookups or furnace or sewer hookups shall be permitted in the Park at a residence for more than 8 hours. Such vehicles are never to be used for sleeping over purpose in the Park.

7. Residents or visitors with utility trailers, motor homes, campers or travel trailers shall park the same in the designated area in the north parking lot for no longer than 72 hours within a 10 day period. · Owners must post the address and phone numbers (on vehicle) of the resident using the North lot for parking.· Vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.