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This is the month most of our winter residents usually head back to their summer homes.  If you are a winter resident, please be sure to complete the following prior to departing for the summer.

  • IT IS NOW MANDATORY TO SHUT OFF YOUR WATER IF YOU ARE LEAVING …BE SURE ALL FAUCETS ARE SHUT OFF AND BE SURE TO SHUT OFF YOUR HOT WATER HEATER TOO. If the Association has to shut off your water they will NOT be responsible for your hot water heater.
  • Check awnings and home…if they are beginning to mildew, in the high humidity of summer they are going to become worse and you will receive notice to have them cleaned in your absence. You need to do them before you go.
  • Sign out at the office, you can call and let us know.
  • Leave a key with the office or let the office know who has a key
  • Inform the office who is responsible for your flower beds and planter box. If upon inspection it is found that your property is in need of weeding and this information is not available at the office then the work will be arranged by the office and you will be billed.
  • Complete Banner Envelopes- If you desire to have the Banner sent to your summer address, you need to stamp, self-address envelopes and mark the months you want the Banner sent to you on the envelopes. Self-sticking envelopes are available at the office.  Mail fees are $1.35 in the United States and we don’t have an amount for Canada.  The Banner can also be read online at golflakes.com.
  • Stow away ALL outside items. Please see rule VII. Mobile Home Site 16.

Some things not to do that some people may at one time been told to do.

  • Plug sinks and open up faucets, after you turn off water. If your water gets turned on by mistake, you will return to a flooded home.


The cost of a yard light, pole and globe is $94.07.  Installation would be extra.  If you do not have a working yard light, please consider getting one.  If you have a yard light also consider leaving it on in the summer to help light up the Park.

Rule IV. Pets. No resident or guest shall keep any pet of any kind in the Park, including birds, except for approved assistance/therapy/emotional/service animals that comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act may be permitted.  See the manager for policies and procedures. 

All residents need to abide by the following practices when encountering another person in the park with animals.

  • Do not inquire about details of a person’s disability. The nature of the person’s disability is a private matter and is confidential under federal HIPA laws.
  • Do not speak negatively concerning the fact the animal is in the Park. You may call the office to confirm the approval of the owner/tenant/guest to have the animal.
  • Do not touch or pet a service, assistance, or therapy/emotional support animal.
  • Do not feed a service, assistance, or therapy/emotional support animal.
  • Do not deliberately startle a service, assistance, or therapy/emotional support animal.
  • Do not separate or attempt to separate an owner from his or her service, assistance, or therapy/emotional support animal.

Approval for service, assistance, therapy and emotional animals for residents, tenants and guest must be submitted 30 days prior to expected stay in the Park.

Golf Lakes has beautiful wild life in the park.  The Association encourages you not to feed the wild life and especially do not throw human food in the lakes.

For our residents that are leaving your winter home, your staff wishes you a safe and healthy summer.

RULE REMINDER: X 6. Vehicles, Traffic and Trailers:  No utility trailer, motorhomes, camper, truck campers, converted buses, or originally manufactured vans equipped with water tank or supply hose or 110 electrical hookups or furnace or sewer hookups shall be permitted in the park at a residence for more than eight (8) hours.  Such vehicles are never to be used for sleeping –over purposes in the Park.

Pam McFarland