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Welcome back to all our snowbirds.  We are truly excited to have you back. I am looking forward to my first “season” with you.  It is my goal to keep or improve your Golf Lake lifestyle, so if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Also, as I continue to familiarize myself with the park, I may miss something that you are accustomed to.  If you notice something that may have escaped my attention, please do not hesitate to let me know. Just drop me a line at tracy@golflakes.com.

While Golf Lakes avoided a direct hit and very little damage from Hurricane Idalia, there was some less than desirable activities that took place in the park during the storm.  The learnings from the storm punctuate the need to always report out of place behavior or suspicious activity.

First, LOCK YOUR VEHICLES. Second, CALL THE POLICE.  Although there were no actual break-ins to homes, we had six vehicles vandalized and had tires slashed.  Some Ring cameras captured individuals trying vehicle door handles; but the police were not called.

The least expensive security for your home is lighting.  Consider adding motion sensor lighting or a camera to illuminate and capture activity outside your home.  The safety committee has offered to assist with information and tips on adding these inexpensive features.

While Golf Lakes is likely a more attractive target when our gates are open overnight, this is a requirement by Manatee County during hurricanes.  Although the gates automatically open in the event of a power failure, the Emergency Management plan requires gated communities to leave all gates open during natural disasters.  While first responders always have access to open our gates for entry, there are often other agencies that require access after storms and may engage in rescue and storm clean-up including FEMA, the National Guard, and contracted power companies who come to aide in power restorations.  These agencies would not have access or clickers to open the gates and by leaving them open, we ensure that all those in need can be reached and services restored without delay.