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Manager’s Article

February 2024


Happy February. At the time of writing, the POOL IS OPEN….FINALLY.  We do have additional improvements that will be made to the spa, so another brief closure and inspection are expected in the coming weeks.  I hope that all are open very soon.

The Election of three new Board members is taking place this month.  We will see Judy Keller, George White and Gerry Barnicle finish up their tenure and we thank them for their time and hard work over the past years.  

Please remember to send in your blue proxies to ensure we can meet the quorum requirements to hold the meeting and election. Since the meeting is only days away, please fax to 941-755-2312 or email it to Luis@golflakes.com.  You can also drop off or mail in your ballot for the Board.

Now that most everyone is back for the season, please take this opportunity to inspect your home and lot and perform all necessary maintenance while you are here.  All property should be kept in a neat and tidy manner without storing items in view from neighboring homes.  Please remove and discard any unused items, clean your awnings, shutters, home’s exterior and roofs as needed. They should be free of excessive dirt, or mold.  

We also want to announce the re-naming of the NEW HOME PLACEMENT COMMITTEE which is now the EXTERIOR DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE.  Please see an article about this inside this edition of The Banner.  Remember:  All exterior changes require prior approval by the Association.  

We are receiving complaints about SPEEDING inside Golf Lakes.  Please observe the posted speed signs – 15 MPH.  

This month marks the final month of my first year at Golf Lakes.  I am so happy to be here and thank you for an incredible first year.  If we have not yet met, please stop in anytime and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.